Obedience in the midst of uncertainty

Peter Buckley approached me awhile ago about making room in the schedule for recording a worship CD.  He was looking to gather our worship leaders together for a night of worship, a way of celebrating God’s faithfulness, but also a way of standing up to the darkness of suffering and calamity that many people were facing.

Although I appreciate our worship teams and musicians, we’re not a professional church and we’ve never recorded anything before.My first thought was that it wasn’t going to happen.

Peter had other thoughts.  You see, Peter himself was suffering through a debilitating illness that was threatening his life.  While in the hospital, he was awoken and believed that God had downloaded details of a worship concert that he needed to put into motion.  I’m sure he too wrestled with God at that moment, wondering if he was hearing right.  But he decided that he needed to be obedient, even in the midst of his own personal storm.

So Peter began to make phone calls, make connections, and through many obstacles, rounded up the troops and organized the worship night.  It was a profound experience.  Peter was even able to play the drums for a few of the songs.

I’ve learned to not doubt what God can do through a person when they are determined to obey, even in the midst of uncertainty!  Peter’s focus in getting the special night off the ground was inspiring, and I hold his character in high esteem.

The fruit of Peter’s labour was a recording that he has looked to sell to raise money to help with our building project (now to help complete the kitchen).  You can download the recording here.  (You can also order a hard copy at our welcome centre or through the main office).  You can read about his story at that link as well.

Peter continues his battle with sickness.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.  But he does it with a battle cry of faith: God is with him, come what may, and he will worship until the day God calls him home.  May his life be a testimony to us all:  This is how a Christian deals with suffering.