A response to euthanasia

We believe that life is a gift from God. Sometimes life finds us in difficult situations when it comes to disease and sickness or other forms of suffering. With increased advances in technology, we have the ability to extend life to ever increasing lengths, even when our quality of life is severely inhibited.

This has led to many discussions in our nation about the right to choose when a person dies. The Supreme Court of Canada has asked for legislation to be put forward around this issue as soon as possible.

The Christian response, I believe, has been well articulated by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, with which Emmanuel is in partnership:

Since all human life is precious, euthanasia or assisted suicide is never a right or acceptable solution. God has created medical practices that treat effectively extreme pain and other distressing symptoms of terminal disease. Palliative care and emotional support are necessary and appropriate responses to those who suffer from terminal illnesses and/or are near death. A society that seeks to solve problems by intentionally killing, rather than through providing optimal care, will increasingly devalue human life. As a result, legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide threatens the life of every terminally ill patient and endangers society’s most vulnerable, as well as society at large.

We have all had friends or relatives face the agony of suffering and death, and this is obviously a sensitive subject that needs to be dealt with thoughtful and compassionately. I would urge you to write our local MP, Dan Albas, it express your concerns about any legislation that may remove the value of human life. To find out more about what you can do to be involved in this issue, check out www.evangelicalfellowship.ca