What we believe

Emmanuel Church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  Want to know our creed?  Check out: www.paoc.org


Our Mission (Our Purpose)

Emmanuel church is a community of believers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who find common ground in their love of Jesus.  Emmanuel exists to connect people to Jesus through all stages of life.  We believe that the mission of the church is to make lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ who engage with their world.

Our Vision (How we want this to play out)

We envision a community of believers connected to Jesus through consistently embracing:

A CULTURE OF THE WORD OF GOD, where wrestling with the text, improved biblical literacy, and a commitment to its truths are ongoing practices…

A CULTURE OF THE SPIRIT, where unique, subjective and tangible experiences of the presence of God take place on a regular basis…

A CULTURE OF THE TABLE, where there is a sense of belonging and every person is assertively responsible for their own Christian maturity as we as for the needs of others…

A CULTURE OF THE MISSION, where the desire to help people know Jesus and His kingdom is prioritized in schedules; where there is an abundance of generosity of time and resources; where there is an active daily engagement with the lost and the need; where there is a desire to see people flourish.

Our Values (convictions that influence our practices)

These are a few of the words that mean a great deal to us, and that we strive to immerse into our vision of making disciples of the Word, Spirit, Table and Mission:

COMMUNITY.  We journey through life together, not alone or as mavericks.

AUTHENTICITY.  We are confident in our need to be real, not superficial.

SERVICE.  We seek to be assertive and involved, rather than be spectators.

LIFE/ENCOUNTER.  We believe that God can connect with all of us right where we are at.

GRACE.  We believe that grace is the over-riding principle in all that we do, so we seek to be a community of acceptance rather than of judgement.