Summertime at Emmanuel

Summer is here again, and here are a few ways that you can join in the fun of community and stay connected throughout the holiday season.

July 1:  Fireworks in Peachland

Peachland is a small community, but the locals know that it has one of the most entertaining fireworks displays in the Okanagan.  For years, Emmanuelites have gathered around either by the flag pole or in front of the gazebo.  There is no particular time to gather, but the fireworks are usually around 10 pm, so plan to come early, put down a blanket, bring some goodies to share, and look around for some familiar faces.

July 2:  Pancake Breakfast at the church at 9 am

To celebrate Canada Day, we are putting on a pancake breakfast before the service for our church family (and whoever drops by!)

July 16:  BBQ after church

Prepare to stay for lunch after this service.  Bring a toonie (our suggested donation) per person, and enjoy a burger with friends and family.

July 30:  Sunoka Day, Starting at 1:30 pm

Sunoka is a beach just outside of Summerland.  We’re assuming water levels will be down a bit by then, which give us an opportunity to spend the day picnicking, relaxing, playing games and getting out into the water.  You can head out there right after service, but our official start will be 1:30 pm.  We assume people will be arriving at different times throughout the afternoon.  You may plan to bring a lunch, or a supper, or even both!  If you own a boat that you would like to take people out on water cruises or water skiing, contact the church office.  The more the merrier!  You can find directions for Sunoka here.

August 20:  BBQ after church

Like our event in July, bring a toonie, stay after service, and enjoy a lunch with friends before heading off for the rest of your Sabbath day activities.

September 3:  Walking the Trestles

This has been a tradition over the years, to end the summer with a community walk at the Myra Canyon Trestles.  Starting at 2 pm, you are welcome to invite some friends, bring your bikes, or just join us for a stroll.  We usually hike a few kilometres, turn around, and head back to the parking area.  We meet at the most common pedestrian start, called Myra Station.  You can find more information here.  Make sure to pack a snack and some water, as well as prepare for both warm and cold weather!