Emmanuel Adventurers

There are all sorts of people at Emmanuel doing really interesting things.  One of our sets of radical people, Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates, started an organization that helps bring water and sustainable community initiatives to people around the world who need it the most.  The organization is called rally4life.  You can check it out here.

One of the ways the Jennings-Bates bring attention to the charity is through “extreme” adventures.  Mark is well known for tackling difficult tasks around the world, like driving a rally car through the desert, running ridiculously long road races, para-gliding around Australia, and paddle-boating around Lake Okanagan.  But the charity also attracts other well known celebrities who are doing extreme adventures around the world.

Steph Jeavons is one of these individuals.  Steph has a goal of driving around the world on basically a dirt bike.  She has already traveled some 50,000 km, and has been to places like India as well as Antarctica.  In her travels, she has also aimed to raise awareness for rally4life.

Steph is coming to the Okanagan and we’ll be hosting an evening where she gets to talk about her trip.  Steph will be in town on April 27th at 7 pm at the church.  Circle the date on your calendar so that you can hear why she’s taken on these incredible journey.  Attending the event is also a great way to support a fantastic, local charity with a global vision.