The apostle Paul encouraged his young protégé, Timothy, to fan into flame the gift God had given him.  The Christian life is something that needs to be cultivated, stirred up, and fanned into flame in order to keep its vibrancy and fruitfulness.  Spiritual disciplines—practices that Christians have embraced over the centuries—are wonderful tools to help us celebrate the life we have been given.

Now, we know that a lot of people are intimidated by spiritual disciplines.  We often feel that they are practices reserved for really holy people, not for people like us.  We want to break down the barriers and show how spiritual disciplines can be a joy for everyday people in their everyday lives.

This sermon series, starting May 6th,  will cover many of the common spiritual disciplines in two different categories: disciplines of abstinence and disciplines of engagement.  Each sermon will explain how the discipline works and practical ways in which we can adopt them into our routines and schedules.