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Jeff Bjorgan
Jeff Bjorgan
January 27, 2019

Listening Worship

The Habit of Spending Time with God
The Habits of Worship Series 4

There are many distractions that pull our passions away from a proper focus on worship. But there’s good news! The story of Saul’s conversion shows that Jesus can take our misplaced passions and transform them in order to accomplish his mission.
[Acts 9:1-22]

Jeff Bjorgan
Jeff Bjorgan
October 28, 2018

A Breath of Fresh Air

Imago Dei Series 5

Jesus used strange language to encourage his disciples during their last meal together. His followers find themselves victoriously in the age of the Spirit, learning how to breathe again, while bringing fresh air to those that are still suffocating.
[John 14:15-31; John 16: 7-16; Mark 1:9-13]

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