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Jeff Bjorgan
Jeff Bjorgan
January 13, 2019

Worship as Gospel Story

The Habit of Knowing What We Believe
The Habits of Worship Series 2

It is easy to forget that we have a place in God’s grand story, and worship reminds us of our part. Our relationship with God can be renewed when we remember that we remain active participants in a story bigger than ourselves.
[2 Kings 22-23; Revelation 7]

Ben McGillivray
Ben McGillivray
October 30, 2016

Community of Diversity

Village Life Series 6

Diversity is a post-fall struggle that was never God’s intention. He desired a harmonious creation with perfect unity, and He desires to bring that kind of reality to earth through His church. We examine Paul’s beautiful analogy-filled picture of the Kingdom of God.
[Ephesians 2:11-22]

Jeff Bjorgan
Jeff Bjorgan
October 16, 2016

Nurturing Our Children

Village Life Series 4

Children are living metaphors of what the Kingdom of God should look like, so it is crucial for the church to vibrantly nurture these symbols of the Kingdom. How do we let these little ones come in contact with Jesus in light of the disappearance of childhood?
[Matthew 18:1-6; 19:13-15; Proverbs 14:26]

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