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Jeff Bjorgan
Jeff Bjorgan
January 20, 2019

Worship as Communion

The Habit of Spending Time with God
The Habits of Worship Series 3

As we continue our desire to worship well and we remember the grand story that God has invited us into, we see that worship is not simply something that takes place on a Sunday mornings. Worship is bringing glory to God in every part of life.
[1 Samuel 16:1-13; Psalm 18:1-7; Romans 12:1-2]

Ben McGillivray
Ben McGillivray
November 20, 2016

What If I Walk Away?

The Offensiveness of God’s Mercy
Missions Emphasis 3

We examine two godly men who were offended by God’s mercy. There is an interesting parallel between the story of Jonah and that of the prodigal son, and both illustrate disintegration when one’s heart becomes calloused towards God’s plan.
[Jonah 1-4; Luke 15:11-32]

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