Tithes & Offerings

We are thankful for all the ways in which God uses people to provide for the initiatives and ministries of our church family.

The use of funds is confined to Emmanuel Church ministry. Should the need be met, or become unable to be carried out, donors agree that donations will be used where needed most. Designations are only received for church sanctioned projects.

Here are some of the ways that you can contribute through tithes, offerings, and other designations.

Methods of Giving


Every Sunday we take time to take up an offering. Donations of cash or cheques are simply placed in the offering bag as it goes by. If you would like a charitable receipt, make sure to place the donations in an envelope that is found in the bulletin. If you would like your own marked envelopes or giving number, please contact our book keeper.

On Location

We have a debit machine that is available at our Welcome Centre in our foyer. Simply follow the instructions at the kiosk in order to give your tithes and offerings. There is a slot for envelopes there as well, if you would like to give during the week.

Direct to Bank

Some people opt for a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) plan, where tithes and offerings are automatically received from their bank account. This automatic withdrawal can take place once or twice per month, depending on your personal financial strategy. You can find forms for our PAD plan at the debit machine kiosk, or contact the church office for more details.

For When It's Needed

If you are away from home or consider Emmanuel home, even though your vocation may take you elsewhere, you can also give online. If you have any questions about online giving at Emmanuel, please don’t hesitate to connect with our bookkeeper or call the church office.

Give through your mobile

You can give at any time from your phone, just text the word 'give' to 778.764.1105. You will receive an initial request to set up your account. From there, you will be given options to give either to the general fund, the building fund, or to the Priority One Missions offering, as well as other special events as they come up.

Online Giving

If you would like to give online, click the button below which allows for donations to be made to the church via Paypal: