Radical Stewardship

We care about families and their Biblical understanding of financial matters, and we want to help you plan effectively for the future.  That is why we are partnering with PAOC Stewardship Services to have them present a life transforming event called Radical Stewardship. This informative seminar will offer individuals and families the opportunity to learn and implement deep-rooted biblical principles that will help you honour God in every area of your life.  It will be a one-hour seminar held during our morning service on Sunday, May 5, 10 am.

Some Key Topics You’ll Hear About:

  • How to accomplish personal goals
  • How to eliminate your debts
  • How to avoid common mistakes of financial planning
  • How to prepare a will
  • How to conquer hurdles in financial planning
  • How to save and lower taxes
  • How to establish a family trust
  • How to plan your retirement

What Participants Will Receive at the Seminar:

  • Deep-rooted biblical principles for everyday living
  • Work sheets to guide you to financial success
  • Answers to many of your financial concerns
  • Opportunity for a personal appointment to help you achieve personal financial goals

Who Should Attend:

People who are eager to learn how to better manage their money.  This seminar is easy to understand and would be of interest to all singles, married couples, retired people, or anyone planning for retirement.