Our basic response to what Jesus has done for us is to participate in what he is up to both locally and around the world.

Mission is everywhere.  It stretches from our backyard to pretty much every place on earth.  But we can’t do mission alone. We’re committed to walking alongside missions partners that are doing good work both locally and globally. These are some of the people that we cheer on through prayer, financial resources, and the sending of occasional missions teams.


Peter & Cavelle Dove | Myanmar & Thailand

Emmanuel has been supporting the Dove family for many years.  They co-founded Imagine Thailand, a Bangkok-based Christian social action organization specializing in linking the university and marketplace to marginalized communities.  They have worked with displaced people groups along the Thai/Myanmar border, and have in recent years worked within Myanmar to help develop future job prospects for young women.  Peter is now the PAOC Regional Director for Southeast Asia, building relationships with the national churches in the region.  You can discover a bit more of what they’ve been up to at imaginethailand.org.  


Zach & Megan Wylie |  Thailand

The Wylies are part of the PAOC Thailand Field team.  Zach is serving as the Country Lead for Imagine Thailand, while Megan is serving as the Health and Wellness Coordinator, with a focus on maternal health.  Zach grew up in West Kelowna, and served as the OMEGA Global Director at Summit Pacific College for 8 years before moving to Thailand. You can read about their journey at their website.


Kim & Lynn Weiler | Guatemala 

Kim and Lynn are founders of Fe Viva World Missions, an independent missions organization with a vision to reach out the less fortunate in Central America and around the world.  Kim and Lynn are based in West Kelowna, but spend much of their time working on the Fe Viva campus Guatemala where they have developed an orphanage, housing for the less fortunate, and a one-of-a-kind education center that helps provide schooling that is unique to their area of the country.  In addition, they have helped install hundreds of new stoves in the surrounding communities to help provide a safe living environment for many families. Visit feviva.org to find out more of what they do.


Nathan Hayward | Youth For Christ

Nathan was born and raised in the Okanagan.  He has been involved in youth work for over five years and desires to make a greater impact in the lives of the people he shares his home town with.  Nathan is a recent grad from the Counselling Foundations program at Summit Pacific College.  He is excited to live alongside the youth of Kelowna and guide them to healthier living through various outdoor activities, sports, and through simply building relationships.  His new position as a Youth Worker in Central School allows him to work closely with high risk students and gives others the opportunity to partner with him to see a difference in the Okanagan community.


Benoit & Helene Marcoux | Quebec

With 8 million Canadians living in Quebec, and with most of the population considered “post-Christian”, the province is seen by most missions organizations as an unreached people group.  We have been partnering with the Marcoux family for many years.  They have recently started a house church, and are discipling a core group of leaders in that church who are reaching out in their community and learning to disciple others.


Don Richmond | Hockey Ministries International

Don is the local chaplain for the West Kelowna Warriors.  He is also the BC Chapel Coordinator, overseeing the chapels within the junior hockey leagues throughout British Columbia.  Don also works as the chaplain for the local Fire Department, and helps organize local community initiatives, like Westside Daze.  Don is essential our local community pastor, who is as comfortable in a hockey arena as others might be in the pew.  You can learn more about Hockey Ministries International at www.hockeyministries.org


Freedom’s Door

Freedom’s Door Kelowna is a non-profit addiction recovery program for men. They are dedicated to helping men find hope, healing and wholeness in a safe and secure environment.  The program is provided within their housing facilities where men are provided help and support to transition back to the community and everyday life.  Emmanuel has been greatly encouraged by the number of men who have been helped by this program, with many becoming part of our church family.  To find out more, see their website here.


Chris Pequin | Leader Impact

Chris helps leaders to understand the relevance of faith in Jesus in their personal and professional lives.  Through a network of small groups and outreaches in the Okanagan and the Fraser Valley, Chris helps to grow and develop leaders personally, professionally and spiritually with the goal of raising up a generation of leaders committed to biblical principles for the purpose of being salt and light in their communities, their homes and throughout the marketplace.


University Campus Ministries | University of British Columbia – Okanagan

James Perreaux is our campus chaplain at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna.  He encourages students to belong to a Christian community, serve their campus in practical ways, care for their peers, and provide leadership opportunities.  James explains what he is up to at his webpage.  Oh, and James blogs regularly here.


Westside and Peachland Foodbank

We continue to partner with our local food banks in both West Kelowna and in Peachland, providing food for those who could use a little help or simply no longer have the resources to bring food to their kitchen tables.


Village of Hope | Zambia

Village of Hope provides education and healthcare to children in need as well as a place to live for those who have nowhere else to go.  Village of Hope’s mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so that they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.  VOH Zambia currently has three locations:  Chongwe, Kitwe and Mongu.  Kitwek, the largest of the three, now has 13 children’s homes and 8 youth homes, the other two are smaller.


L.G. | Restricted Access Nation Partners

There are some parts of the world where representing the Christian faith is dangerous.  They are the least reached areas of the world and the need is great.  We believe it’s important to support workers in these areas.  We support a worker who reaches out to nomadic tribes in one of these areas.  For their safety we do not publicize their information, but pray for safety and fruitfulness in reaching these peoples.




Hot air standard

We really want to encourage people to participate in a cross-cultural missional experience by providing missions scholarships for their trips or projects. Our missions committee is super-keen on spreading the word: missions is everywhere!  So go, and play a part in changing the world.

For more information, contact us.