Receive Care

Visitation and Support

From time to time members find themselves in our local hospital, one of the community’s care homes, or stranded at home for one reason or another.  We do our best to visit people during these difficult times to provide care and prayer support.  Sometimes our pastoral staff hasn’t heard about someone’s condition or experience.

Communication is very important when it comes to spiritual and physical care needs.  If you know you are scheduled to go to the hospital, or if you know of someone who was in an accident or is in need of care, please call the main church office.


In extreme weather conditions, the church opens up it’s doors in the evenings for people that need shelter to get a good night’s sleep.  Other care, such as vehicle repair, home care, or helping someone move is done often organically through our small groups.  Advocacy is simply walking alongside someone who is going through a difficult season or situation.  If you would like to be part of our advocacy team, please call the church office.


There are times when individuals and families in our community and in our church family require counselling: times of focused discernment and advice in the presence of a pastor or trained professional.  We provide:

Pastoral Care and Counselling.  Pastors listen, provide insight, encouragement, advice and spiritual care.  They can also providing mentorship, teaching times, and accountability sessions.  Pastoral care also includes crisis and situational counselling (death, funerals, and family emergencies).  Finally, pastors can suggest referrals to professional counsellors.

Pre-marriage and Marriage Counselling.  All of our pastors have experience and training in areas of marriage counselling.  Every pastor is a Prepare and Enrich facilitator, a tool that is helpful in navigating both married couples and those who want to be married through strength and growth areas typically found in relationships.

Benevolence.  We walk alongside families and individuals, helping them find the best care available when it comes to their basic needs such as food, transportation, and shelter.

Professional Counselling.  Often times situations require the attention of professional counsellors.  We have partnerships with counsellors in our community and in our church that help provide services for us.  Our Counselling Pastor, Tom Harbour, helps with referrals and is also available at times to take on clients.  If you are looking for a referral, please contact the church office.